Getting Started With Intrinio

Intrinio is on a mission to provide financial data in a way that is flexible and affordable so that fintech developers can build the next generation of game changing applications for investors. Our ecosystem includes the APIs developers need to build those applications as well as the applications themselves, allowing developers and investors to come together in the same marketplace.

What follows is a quick introduction to the resources and steps both types of users will need to take to get started with Intrinio.

What is the Intrinio Fintech Marketplace?

Cutting through the marketing jargon here is what Intrinio provides. We provide a bunch of different data feeds that allow users to access many different kinds of financial data. The marketplace lets users sign up for the data they need and the pricing plan that fits their needs.

Once a user has access to data, they can analyze the data in an application like Excel or they can build their own application for other users to use. These applications, which rely on data from the marketplace, are also available for users in the marketplace.

The idea is to provide the data users need as well as lots of new applications to make that data even easier to analyze. You can browse the apps and browse the data feeds Intrinio provides and see the prices, terms, and limits for those products in the Marketplace.

Signing Up

Signing up for Intrinio is free and easy- all we require is an email and a password, no credit card, no spam. You can signup at https:/// This will give you access to your account page where you will see your subscriptions as well as tutorials for accessing Intrinio data through an Excel add-in or directly through an API.

The Account Page

On this page, you will see the data feeds you have subscribed to.

These data feeds, also referred to as APIs, most have short, free trial plans with limited access- this allows you to test the data out in some of the applications available in the market. You can click "Usage" on any of your plans to see how many API calls you made within your subscription’s allotted time period as well as your trend over time.

You will also see links to update your billing and personal information or to unsubscribe from APIs.

Access Keys/API Keys

One key element of your account page are your access keys. These keys are often referred to as API keys and they ARE NOT THE SAME as the email and password you use to access your account.

Intrinio uses your access keys to validate that you are the user you say you are when you access Intrinio data. When you first start using an Intrinio API or an app like the Excel add-in, you will need to get these keys from your account page and enter them to validate your identity.

You can copy and paste the API keys by clicking the little clipboard icon next to them:

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 12.47.06 PM

Intrinio Formulas and API Syntax

If you are using a 3rd party application or web-app that is built with Intrinio data, you don't need to worry too much about what formulas or syntax go into calling the right data in the right place- developers have taken care of that for you. This makes these applications easier to use, but there is a price to pay in terms of flexibility.

If you want to use the Excel plug-in or the API directly, you can access and display the data however you'd like to create your own spreadsheet analyses or applications. You will, however, have to learn how to use Intrinio's custom formulas and syntax to "tell" our systems which data points you'd like to see where.

You can find instructions on how to write these formulas for the API here and Excel here You can also access documentation  from your account page by clicking on the link in your subscription.


Within a formula in Excel or the syntax of an API call, you will use a "tag" to identify the type of data you are interested. One tag, beta, will get you the "beta" for a specific company, while another, goodwill, will return the "goodwill" amount from a company's balance sheet. There are thousands of tags, some of which are straight forward, others that are more complicated.

You can search for the tag you'd like to use here.


Once you have a basic idea of how to access data using formulas and or syntax, you will want to start adding securities to your formulas to get the data flowing. Intrinio has varying levels of coverage for US equities, ranging from basic pricing and company overviews up to analyst estimates, valuations, and standardized fundamentals.

You can search coverage for US equities here.

Intrinio also provides more than 200,000 economic data series. You can search coverage for data series like non-farm payrolls, exchange rates, and the effective funds rate here.

If you are interested in examining sector and industry data, Intrinio covers 565 different sectors with aggregated statistics. You can view the SIC codes and industry names in our coverage here.

Adding New Apps/APIs

It is our hope that you, a developer or investor, will continue to find new data sets and applications in the Intrinio marketplace that you can combine with your insights to create lucrative analyses. Please browse our marketplace to discover new data feeds that can be added to your account and applications that allow you to access the data in new ways.