FDIC Data for Banks [Call, UBPR & Y-9C Reports]

Intrinio was founded on the principle that making financial data affordable and accessible has the potential to ignite innovation in an archaic industry. First, we built our technology and used it to get full coverage of US equity data. Then we started looking for new data sets that needed to be freed from the shackles of oligopolistic pricing. We stumbled upon FDIC data, and what we built has become truly exciting. 

Because of our technology, we're able to serve this data up at a fraction of the cost of other providers. What was once a premium product reserved only for large organizations (who overpay as well) is now affordable and accessible. Eat your heart out.

FDIC Data - The Regulatory Filings

If you're a bank analyst, an investment banker, or the CFO of a bank, you are most likely intimate with the idea of FDIC data. Feel free to skip to the next section so you can get your hands dirty right away.

But for the rest of us, what exactly is FDIC data?

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